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Introducing Head Troublemaker…. Matt Catling

A gifted trainer, educator and entrepreneur, Matt has spent close to half his life running businesses and has been heavily involved in the personal development and consulting industry.

At 27 Matt helped grow one of the biggest coaching and consulting companies in Australia, reaching the BRW top 100 fastest growing companies, expanding it nationally and increasing sales into the millions.

Matt has now worked with over 60,000 people nationwide, has founded a number of successful companies such as Your Future Now, Your Future Events, The Institute of Behavioural Science and The Troublemakers.

Matt also has a passion for contribution and making a difference, having helped raised over $600k for the Make a Wish foundation, Bear Cottage and currently runs his acclaimed Live it Now training monthly for the local community .

Matt has a passion to bring a new level of freedom to the world through education, psychology, coaching and consulting. Matts vision is a world where people are free from anxiety and worry, where people understand how to create lasting health and are free from cancer and disease, where people have financial freedom and are living their passion.

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Introducing Troublemaker… Julian Moss

My name is Julian Moss. I was born in Pakistan. My father was a diplomat and mother a War Correspondent. I graduated from the London School of Economics and I am an entrepreneur.

I made my first million dollars at the age of eighteen whilst living in London with a concept called ‘Pic with a punk’. After graduating from University I left the UK and headed to Australia with a dream.

I started an IT Recruitment company called JKM Consulting which became BRW’s top ten fastest growing private companies with a turnover in excess of $200 million. I sold the company and decided to start an alcohol manufacturer and boutique liquor company with a friend from University. We named it ASM liquor. This is a real-life David versus Goliath story.

Our first product Vodka O was voted the smoothest vodka in the world and second biggest seller. After a few years, we expanded our portfolio to include Rum’s, Gin, Tequila and Scotch with great success.

Three years ago we decided to launch a super premium vodka called VDKA 6100. James Packer came into the business as a shareholder. He assisted in persuading Robert De Niro to become Co-Creator and Brand Ambassador for this new Vodka. The story of “Zero to De Niro” is a remarkable one.

ASM Liquor has now launched its brands into over 30 countries and is a force to be reckoned with, offering consumers a whole new range of products.

My experience in building fast growing successful nimble entrepreneurial companies has been proven. The tools and techniques I have used with the remarkable teams I have put together is a fantastic story.

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