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Should I start a second business?

We talk about modelling excellence. We look at what successful entrepreneurs are doing and model our actions on them to gain our own amazing results. There is one mistake I see young entrepreneurs making over and over again. They do too much too soon and start a second business before the first one is established.…

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How To Optimize For Voice Search

Examples of effective Troublemakers are everywhere, and recently I introduced you to Amazon Alexa and their fight for voice recognition software excellence. This push and the increase in technologies for voice search has an ongoing ripple effect. We can use this knowledge to our advantage. It’s not just the Troublemakers themselves that are important for…

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Alyce Tran—The Daily Edited Co-founder

Want to transition from your day job to your dream life? The biggest obstacle is hesitation. The slower you move, the more painful it becomes to achieve personal freedom. If you have a passion or a hobby you can turn it into incredible success just by investing in your idea and backing yourself. Backing yourself…

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What is Amazon Alexa?

Disruptive businesses are really starting to show up the big guns, almost to the point where they go red in the face (bit of frustration, bit of embarrassment). It’s my guess that the disruptive market is going be the next big movement in small business. I’m saying that because being disruptive works. No matter how…

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How do I Become an Entrepreneur?

Wondering what entry-level qualifications, IQ, financial standing or pedigree you need to run with the top business people of the world in the 21st century? None. If you want to become an entrepreneur the good news is anyone can enter and anyone can win. The market doesn’t care if you went to a private school…

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Simple strategies to become the authority in your niche

When you get laser-focused on the thing you are most passionate about, you can become the authority in your niche. Because you have a speciality area people trust what you have to say. It’s important then that you say and do the right things to earn their respect. All of this, really, is about your…

How to Start a Business in Australia - Man writing a business plan

How to Start a Business in Australia

I’m all about making a mess, so if you are wondering how to start a business in Australia, or even just thinking about starting a new business, it’s the best time to get really, really messy. As your business grows and becomes more successful, you become a leader in your field you will be asked…

Should I start my own business? Man sitting in window ledge looking out over a city.

Should I Start My Own Business? Part 2

Have you ever asked yourself ‘should I start my own business?’ In the second instalment of a two-part series, we look at the real costs, in terms of dollars, time, emotions, and more… In our previous article Should I Start My Own Business: What are the real costs?  we took a genuine look at what…

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4 Productivity Tools For Digital Troublemakers

As the buzz around concepts such as ‘hustling’ or ‘four hour work week’ grows, so too does the need for productivity tools to be put in place to help a busy entrepreneur use their time wisely. Working from home is becoming more and more feasible, flexible and popular. People everywhere, from start-up entrepreneurs to small…

Worker cutting metal plank with angle grinder in workshop. Young man choosing skilled labor trades as first profession. Starting own small business, find side job in furniture manufacturing concept

Should I Start My Own Business? Part 1

Have you ever asked yourself ‘should I start my own business? In the first of a two-part series, we look at the real costs, in terms of dollars, time, emotions, and more… Tired of the rat race and doing work for someone else that doesn’t seem to make any kind of positive impact? You’re not…