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Four Ways To Get Paid

When you’re running your own business, you need to find ways to get paid that are simple for both you and your customers. As you will have experienced when shopping yourself, when you are making a purchase through a quality business you get payment options. You can buy instantly online, over the phone or at…

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Perfectionism Will Destroy Your Business

There are some really great ways to destroy your business. One is sitting around waiting for an idea to hit. Another is looking for the funding to build a prototype. Finally, there is the desire to be perfect, which prevents you from actually doing anything. In the meantime, someone out there has something similar to…

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Productivity Strategies For Busy Entrepreneurs

Having productivity strategies in your business isn’t just important for success, it’s important for it being effortless. That’s not permission to avoid doing work, you still have to do the work, but the effort you put in is easy compared to the results. Imagine a car engine that is running on all cylinders and gets…

Kayla Itsines

Disruptive Troublemaker Kayla Itsines

What does it take to be a disruptive Troublemaker really? If you look at the incredible career of 26-year-old Adelaide entrepreneur Kayla Itsines, you can pin it down to just one thing. Passion. How do we know Kayla is successful? She developed a personal training series worth around $46 million dollars. She has a staggering…

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How To Find Your Unique Selling Proposition

A unique selling proposition is something new business start-ups often stress about. What is my point of difference? Some unique selling points are easy to see, if your business is launched off the back of an original concept or from a gap or inadequacy in a current market, your point of difference is the whole…

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To Be A Troublemaker You Need To Be Selfish

You know you’ve succeeded as a Troublemaker when you have an entire movement evolve just from pursuing your dreams. Gangster rap, one of the most lucrative and coveted music genres, wouldn’t have blown up to the level it has today with Troublemaking megastar Dr Dre. Dre used his passion for excellence and innovation to accelerate…

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Analysing Peter Thiel’s 7 Questions

Are you ready to dive into a blue ocean? A red ocean, in the business world, is rife with sharks. The crimson colour is the bloodshed of competition and the hurt of companies sunk from an inability to hold their customer back from those with bigger teeth and wider nets. A red ocean is where…

Pete Williams sells the MCG for $500

Troublemaker Sells The MCG For $500

Q: What does it really take to be a Troublemaker? A: Action. That’s it. That’s all that separates people who are successful from everyone else. You have an idea. You take action. What most people experience is the law of diminishing intent. The longer you delay something, the less likely you are to do it.…


Motivation or Determination? The Difference Could Mean Success Or Failure

There is a difference between motivation and determination and it’s worth exploring them and really getting to know what makes your drivers drive. Motivation is usually external. We are motivated by seeing something good in another person and going, Wow, I want to do that too. It’s a desire to have an outcome or a…


5 Examples Of Elevator Pitches That Work

The history of elevator pitches goes back to the first days of Hollywood when screenwriters would notice an executive producer and leap into their elevator and attempt to sell them their movie idea before the top floor. Times are changing, global access via the internet, targeted product marketing, personalised sales techniques and restricted access to…