Importance Of Culture In An Organisation

Within any company the importance of organisational culture is huge. Even if nobody put one out there and drives it, something will grow. If left to its own development, chances are the culture that evolves will not be a pleasant one. A positive work culture takes dedicated time and energy and communication, not just once,…

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You Need Money To Make Money – What’s The Truth?

So many of my young enthusiastic entrepreneurs get so excited about the prospects of launching their own business (or businesses) they want to quit their day job and get started, right away. There are so many stories of now affluent and influential entrepreneurs who started their business from scratch, however, there was always some form…

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6 Things That Might Be Sabotaging Your Success

As we build our success, our personal brand, and our business, we may hunt around for amazing materials to rise up with. We look to mentors and icons to see what they do. But it’s just as important to look at what they do not do. Just like any working building site, we need to…

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Being An Entrepreneur – What It’s Like and What To Expect

It seems that being an entrepreneur is like striking gold, or oil. It’s this great ability to make all your dreams come true. As I rally Troublemakers and bring together a community of like-minded people, I just want to be sure that the like minds are actually in the room. Sure, being an entrepreneur is…

Gary V

Gary V on the Disruptive Path

If you think causing a disruption is just a marketing strategy to get to the top, you might want to sit closer to the front of the room and take some notes as we look at Gary V and his disruptive path. A disruptive message or pathway is not about getting ahead or making noise,…

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3 Business TED Talks Every Entrepreneur Should Watch (and take notes!)

TED Talks have become a global phenomenon as they deliver world-class value to people from all walks of life in incredibly entertaining ways. If you were given 18 minutes to present a business TED Talk to a live audience and online global audience in the most innovative and engaging way possible, what would you choose…


Introducing Disruptive Troublemaker Lisa Messenger

What does it mean to be a Troublemaker? It means you’re a game changer. In a series of posts, we will look at three game-changing Troublemakers who set out to cause a disruption, not caring one bit about people who doubted their ideas or abilities. Want a trouble making mentor you can take to bed…

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4 Ways To Convert Instagram Followers To Subscribers

As the quintessential photo-sharing space for self-promotion, marketing, and digital showcasing, Instagram is a godsend for branding your social media presence. However, unlike Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, there isn’t a clear click-through model to generate tangible ROI from your photo and video-sharing presence. So how can you convert Instagram followers to subscribers? Here we outline…

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The Importance of Digital Content in Marketing

If you watch any webinar or YouTube video from any guru, they will tell you that digital content is crucial for your marketing, then they either fail to tell you how to do it, or sell you into their course on creating digital content. Let’s take a look at the state of play of digital…

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Starting a Business on a Budget

Many people tell me that they don’t have enough money to start a business, but guess what? If you’re starting a business on a budget there are so many ways you can attract clients with no money down. We live in the information age, where there are so many resources at our fingertips, all we…