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Why Selling Your Story is More Important Than Selling Your Product

What are people buying? Is it you?. Is it your product? Or is it what you stand for? This is a very interesting question and the answer may well be the key to getting a sluggish business product on track towards your goal. So many entrepreneurs think sales come from selling their personality. They feel…

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The Power of ‘No’ in Success

Did you know the power of no can help your business become more successful? There is a natural understanding that ‘Yes’ is a power word. “Be willing to say ‘Yes’ when everyone else says no will give you the edge.” “Take the chance and take the risk and just say ‘Yes’ to every opportunity, you…

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Extrovert or Introvert for Business Success

In the world of entrepreneurs who do you think would be naturally more successful, the introvert or extrovert? Did you say extrovert? Most people would say extroverts have the advantage when it comes to business success, however, is that actually correct or just a label we have given to these personality types? A bird’s eye…

CHIANG MAITHAILAND - July 082016 : IPad 4 open Airbnb application. Airbnb is a website for people to list find and rent lodging.

The AirBnb Story – How Luck and Resilience Work Together

Everyone these days has heard of AirBnB and many people have used their service to book accommodation when travelling. Some of the places you can stay are amazing! But did you know, if it wasn’t for a box of breakfast cereal AirBnB may never have happened? The AirBnB story is more than just a couple…

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5 of My Top Business Books and Why You Should Read Them

At home I have a huge collection of top business books that I’m constantly reading and rereading, referring to, and studying for ways I can improve myself and my businesses. If you have seen me present at Live it Now or any of my other trainings, you would have heard me repeat one mantra time…

Brand building

5 Tips to Build and Strengthen your Personal Brand

You’ve heard that building a personal brand is essential for business start-up success and that’s actually true. We are in a new age now, gone are business cards and even shopfront presence. What matters is your brand, that’s what’s selling. But what is it exactly? Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos summed it up perfectly,…

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Big Dreams But No Cash? Check Out These Business Ideas

Take it from me, if you are taking those steps to starting a business and you have it all handed to you, it’s not going to be as impactful or rewarding. Getting out there and working for what you want, building it from scratch and investing everything you have into it will enable you to…

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Business Breakout Student Increases Profits By 700%

In October 2016, The Troublemakers ran our first One-Day Disruption Tour in the heart of Sydney. We disrupted participants mindset around business in a full-on day of action taking designed to support and encourage entrepreneurs and start-ups. After the Disruption Tour, Jules and I began working with a select group of students in a Business…

Beating the Competition

Beating the Competition – Strategies and Tips

Once a month, over the course of a weekend, I gather those ready to change and I teach them exactly this: How to win. I set them up in businesses with a challenge of beating the competition around them, and I ask them to build a brand, be honest, and show up. As they do,…