Born out of a relationship between two of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs, Matt Catling and Julian Moss, The Troublemakers have quickly caused a disruption in Sydney’s entrepreneurial space with their highly acclaimed Disruption Tour.

The Troublemakers is perfectly suited to entrepreneurs who are looking to make the step up to the next level of profit for their business. Whether it is an entrepreneur ready to jump into their business full time, or a business owner looking to turn over $1 million in revenue per year, there are opportunities to learn from people who have walked the talk and have a proven track record of success.

Entrepreneurs who attend the Disruption Tour gain invaluable exposure to the mindset required to grow a business, a turn-key sales formula developed over decades, and strategies for implementing disruptive marketing campaigns on little to no budget. This powerful event takes the excitement and strategy of The Amazing Race and combines it with the high stakes of The Apprentice and Shark Tank to create a transformational day of action for any entrepreneur.

The business world is changing, and the key is community. With a structure in place to support business owners and leaders, The Troublemakers have created a community where entrepreneurs can develop themselves and their business with a support network designed to hold them to a higher standard. This community prides itself on opening up its networks to new troublemakers, further enhancing opportunities for business growth. Having invested more than $1 million of their own funds in this project, Matt and Julian are leaving no stone unturned in their quest to disrupt the business landscape in Australia.

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Guest Lecturing at Macquarie University

After achieving fantastic results in their own businesses as well as in the businesses of clients they mentor, Matt and Julian were invited to guest lecture to third-year Entrepreneur & Marketing students studying a Bachelor of Business majoring in marketing at Macquarie University in Sydney.

Their presentation on entrepreneurial mindset and disruptive marketing, plus the power of solving specific problems students were encountering with a Q&A session, saw their presentation voted Macquarie University’s best ever presentation on business.

Matt and Julian will now regularly guest lecture at Macquarie University, and have also been invited to guest lecture at Sydney University.

Troublemakers Case Study: Eunice Man

In October 2016 Dr. Eunice Man attended the Disruption Tour, and quickly graduated to the Business Breakout, wanting to take her brand Doc Eunice to a new level of profit. A hugely successful GP over many years, Eunice knew how to run a practice, however getting her wellness business to follow the same upward trajectory was proving a challenge. She was stuck.

The challenge Eunice was experiencing was she was trying to be all things to all people. If someone came to her with a problem, she tried to help, even if it wasn’t her specialty. She was spreading herself too thin.

‘I felt like if I couldn’t convert leads it was because my sales skills weren’t good enough, not understanding that my skill set and products didn’t suit the type of help the person needed.’

‘Matt & Julian taught me about being selective and showed me how they often choose not to work with people who are outside of their target market, referring them to another expert, so they can focus on achieving incredible results with the people in their niche,’ said Eunice.

By learning this one fundamental skill, Eunice was able to spend more time helping clients who could really benefit from her skills and increased her profits by a staggering 700% in one month, setting a benchmark for all future troublemakers to emulate.

‘They also worked with me to improve my promotional emails and slides, so I could talk directly to my target market and show them that I understood, and could solve their pain points. Once I became clear on who I could help and could show them the results they would get, selling became simple, and I increased my profits 700% in one month,’ concluded Eunice.

Troublemaker Matt Catling

A gifted trainer, educator, and entrepreneur, Matt has spent close to half his life running businesses and has been heavily involved in the personal development and consulting industry.

At 27 Matt helped grow one of the biggest coaching and consulting companies in Australia, reaching the BRW Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies, expanding it nationally and increasing sales into the millions.

Matt has now worked with over 60,000 people nationwide, has founded a number of successful companies such as Your Future Now, Your Future Events, The Institute of Behavioural Science, and The Troublemakers.

With a passion for contribution and making a difference, Matt has helped raise over $600k for the Make a Wish foundation and Bear Cottage. He currently runs his acclaimed Live it Now training monthly for the Sydney community.

Matt has a passion for bringing a new level of freedom to the world through education, psychology, coaching and consulting. Matt’s vision is a world where people are free from anxiety and worry, where people understand how to create lasting health and are free from cancer and disease, where people have financial freedom and are living their passion.

Troublemaker Julian Moss

Born in Pakistan to a diplomat father and war correspondent mother, Julian graduated from the London School of Economics and embarked on a successful journey as an entrepreneur.

Moss made his first million dollars at the age of eighteen whilst living in London with a concept called ‘Pic with a Punk’. After graduating from university he left the UK and headed to Australia with a dream.

Upon his arrival in Australia Julian started an IT recruitment company called JKM Consulting which reached the BRW’s Top Ten Fastest Growing Private Companies with a turnover in excess of $200 million. He then sold the company and started an alcohol manufacturer and boutique liquor company ASM liquor with a friend from university. This is a real-life David versus Goliath story.

ASM Liquor’s first product, Vodka O, was voted the smoothest vodka in the world and second biggest seller. ASM Liquor then expanded their portfolio to include rum’s, gin, tequila and scotch with great success.

Three years ago ASM Liquor launched a super premium vodka called VDKA 6100. James Packer came into the business as a shareholder. He assisted in persuading Robert De Niro to become Co-Creator and Brand Ambassador for this new Vodka. The story of “Zero to De Niro” is a remarkable one.

ASM Liquor has now launched its brands into over 30 countries and is a force to be reckoned with, offering consumers a whole new range of products.

Julian’s experience in building fast growing, successful, nimble entrepreneurial companies has been proven. The disruptive marketing techniques he has used with the remarkable teams he has put together is a fantastic story.

Businesses We Consult To

Buzz Kites: Has been able to attract attention, interest, and opportunities from countries around the world as well as quickly establish Australian market brand awareness at zero cost.

Navigatum: After struggling to break through the $100k per month mark, Navigatum experienced their first month of $200k in revenue after only two consulting sessions

Return on Interview: Increased revenue by 252% in just two months. After experiencing small growth in month one, they implemented a sales strategy in month two that saw conversion rates explode.

Susan Papazian – Photographer: After previously struggling to find clients, by joining the Business Breakout community Susan was introduced to multiple networks of people all looking for photographers, and built a steady stream of photography work.

UpShift Tours: Grew their database by 279% after one consulting session that developed a growth strategy to be replicated by monthly viral email campaigns.

The Web Warriors: Great at building websites but struggled to grow his business. John is well on his way to $100k and delivering a digital agency experience for small businesses on a budget.

Idea Guru: Went from zero customers to seven customers in one month by refining and simplifying packages for content and social media management.

Doc Eunice: Attended The Business Breakout and increased profits by 703% in one month by amending her email marketing strategy and focusing efforts on people she could assist, referring those outside of her specialty to her network of associates.

Businesses we consult with
Businesses we consult with
Businesses we consult with
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